Nevada Cancer Coalition News

  • 12.5.16

    NCC Offers Spring Internships

    We’ve always relied on volunteers at NCC. For the first decade of our existence we were entirely volunteer-driven–a coalition of volunteer members creating the state cancer plan and developing an annual summit and coalition membership meeting.
    Fast forward to 2016 and […]

  • 12.1.16

    The HIV/AIDS Cancer Link

    Yes, there is a link between HIV/AIDS and cancer.
    Isn’t that the way with chronic diseases? They hit you when you’re down.
    To recognize World AIDS Day, each year on December 1, here’s a brief glimpse of the intersection of HIV/AIDS and […]

  • 10.25.16

    Tips For You to Flight Flu

    The flu affects up to 60 million people every year, causing mild to severe illness, and at times leading to death. As of this posting (Oct. 20, 2016) two people in Nevada have died from the flu. What do you […]

NCC is a collaboration of state and local government, non-profit organizations, health, medical, and business leaders, the research community, cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates. This coalition was formed to design and oversee the comprehensive cancer control plan for Nevada. Comprehensive cancer control is based on the idea that people and organizations working together to pool resources and coordinate efforts can effectively increase the prevention of cancer, and ultimately reduce the burden of this devastating disease.

Cancer touches us all – some of us are cancer survivors, most have experienced the cancer diagnosis of a loved one, a family member, a neighbor, a colleague, a dear friend. Together we can fight this devastating disease. Please join us on our quest for cancer-free tomorrows!