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Demystifying The Science Behind Influenza Vaccinations

Demystifying The Science Behind Influenza Vaccinations
12:00 pm

Educational Webinar Presented by The Nevada Office of Minority Health and Equity (NOMHE)

By joining in this event, participants can expect to be: 

  • Informed: Guided through the science and impacts related to flu vaccines (from the point of development through their distribution), by way of an interactive conversation. 
  • Empowered: Encouraged to share concerns and questions from those most at risk with medical professionals.  And, in exchange, to receive immediate and actionable information that aids in a participant’s ability to independently weigh risk, effectiveness and safety when making decisions regarding the flu vaccine.
  • Motivated: Better prepared to seek flu vaccines with confidence and to play a proactive role in the reduction of related disparities and avoidance of disproportionate risk.  

Participants are encouraged to submit questions to Alexandra Neal:

Moderation by Touro University Nevada SNMA Chapter

Featuring panelists and speakers:

  • Dr. Trudy Larson: Influenza Basics
  • Dr. Bayo Curry-Einchell: Urgent Care Specialist
  • Dr. Andy Pasternak: Family Medicine Physician
  • Dr Mark Riddle: Vaccine Specialist

ZOOM Webinar ID: 867 4885 4755
Passcode: 983 452

The Science Behind Influenza Vaccinations Panelists