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Nevada Chronic Disease Summit

Nevada Chronic Disease Summit
08:00 am

This two-day Summit will focus on statewide and local efforts related to preventing, controlling, and managing chronic disease in Nevada. The summit will showcase successes in the fight against chronic disease issues as well as the innovative and successful programs being developed and implemented in our state. The Summit will provide insights into the accomplishments of statewide, local community-based, and healthcare organizations that are organizing efforts to control chronic disease. In collaboration, we can discuss positive models of change and best practices.

The Chronic Disease Summit is designed for health care professionals and community stakeholders who are interested in finding innovative strategies to control the chronic disease burden in our state. This Summit will present a unique opportunity for attendees to participate in an engaging environment that is dedicated to sharing the successes, empowering all who attend.

Click here to register and learn more. Registration is open until March, 1 2019.

Whitney Peak Hotel 255 N Virginia St. Reno, NV 89501