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Project ECHO - Re-Normalizing Healthcare for Survivors & PCPs

Project ECHO - Re-Normalizing Healthcare for Survivors & PCPs
08:00 am

This FREE clinic will provide primary care providers an introduction to issues in cancer survivorship.

Today's topic will discuss normalizing survivors for primary care providers, based on the fact that many of their patients are likely survivors. Re-normalizing visiting a PCP for survivors who have depended on an oncology team for majority of care. For PCPs, the importance of using survivorship care plans and maintaining open communication with the oncology team.

Presented by Sharon Nagel, Oncology Patient Navigator, Cancer Services, Carson Tahoe Health and Lisa Thayer, RN, OCN, BSN, Cancer Services, Carson Tahoe Health. 

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This series is brought to you by the University of Nevada, Reno, School of Medicine, Project ECHO, and Nevada Cancer Coalition.

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