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Lacuna Loft - Young Adult Cancer Resources

Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 10:06

Lacuna Loft provides those in their 20s and 30s dealing with cancer with the support and tools they need to adapt their once busy young adult lifestyle to fit the complex challenges that arrive after a diagnosis, and into survivorship. By bringing together wellness and psychosocial support programs and resources that are specifically geared towards this young adult population, Lacuna Loft improves wellbeing and quality of life.

Lacuna Loft is a nonprofit organization providing online support programs to young adult cancer survivors and caregivers. The only organization offering diverse online programs regardless of diagnosis and regardless of where they live, Lacuna Loft is changing the way that age-appropriate support is provided to young adults facing cancer. Survival is insufficient and we are here to make sure that survivorship support is available, accessible, and specifically designed for young adults facing cancer.

Upcoming Programs:

  • Young Adult Voices
  • Unspoken Ink: Creative Writing Workshop
  • Creative Art Workshops
  • Book Club
  • Young Adult Cancer Hangout
  • Young Adult Cancer Game Night
  • Journaling
  • "Awkward Auntie"
  • Online Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer Class for Confidence with Sephora & Lacuna Loft
  • Lost & Found- Journaling Workshop
  • It's a Wonderful Life- Journaling Workshop
  • Meditation Group with Help with Hope
  • Lifestyle Support
  • Speaker

Email your questions to:

2323 Broadway
Oakland CA, 94612