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My Care Plan - Journey Forward

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 02/11/2017 - 05:05

My Care Plan is an app version of the Journey Forward® program developed through a collaboration including the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, UCLA Cancer Survivorship Center, the Oncology Nursing Society, WellPoint and Genentech. This app provides survivors with a tool to build a survivorship care plan they can share with their providers. The My Care Plan app creates a guide for cancer survivors by developing a Survivorship Care Plan to coordinate and manage post treatment care. The app helps survivors know what to expect or look for when active treatment has ended, including the late- and long-term effects or symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment, and it provides a wellness plan to help survivors remain healthy. Survivors can complete the My Care Plan on their own and share it with their oncologist and health care team to review and finalize the plan. The plan includes a listing of care team members, a self-assessment tool to identify symptoms and concerns, a summary of cancer treatment, a post-treatment care schedule, and a list of late- and long-term effects and other symptoms to be aware of.  Available in iOS and GooglePlay.