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Note-able Music Therapy Services

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We provide music therapy services for people with a range of diagnoses, both at our location and in the community in collaboration with many partners. Music therapy is the therapeutic use of music to address physical, emotional, and relational challenges. All of our music therapists are board-certified  and hold Nevada music therapy licenses. 

Renown Health Institute for Cancer

Renown not only provides inpatient and outpatient oncology services, but also support groups for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

NMTS began providing music therapy to cancer support groups in November 2016, and inpatient oncology in February 2017. Music therapists lead Music and Wellness groups once per month, helping those affected by cancer reduce pain/anxiety, and increase relaxation through music assisted relaxation, music listening, and improvisation. Music therapists provide live music, emotional support, and guided relaxation to the oncology & palliative care inpatient unit twice per month to help patients and loved ones to increase connection, access coping skills, and release emotional tension. 

Palliative and Hospice Care

Music is a highly versatile and dynamic therapeutic modality, lending itself to a variety of interventions that can benefit people living with life-threatening illnesses, along with their family members and caregivers. By using skillfully planned musical improvisations, songwriting, relaxation techniques, and person-centered techniques, music therapy is a holistic therapy for palliative care and hospice, whatever the care setting.

Music Therapy:

  • Decreases symptoms such as nausea, pain, fatigue and shortness of breath
  • Addresses emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, anger and fear
  • Strengthens spiritual connections
  • Alleviates social isolation, loneliness and boredom
  • Strengthens relationships with family and friends
  • Creates musical legacies such as songs, performances, recordings and music-based life reviews
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