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Renown Health - Nurse Navigators

Submitted by skynet on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 14:03

At Renown's Institute for Cancer, when you need a helping hand, you have a place to turn to for cancer support and guidance.

Nurse Navigators are your personal guides for cancer support. They are experienced registered nurses committed to helping you in your journey by:

  • Explaining the cancer diagnosis and treatment process
  • Assisting with access to screening and treatment procedures
  • Providing treatment resources and educational materials
  • Clarifying physician recommendations for treatment
  • Providing access to clinical trial information
  • Recommending community resources including support groups and complementary therapies

No fee or referral is needed.

Renown's Nurse Navigators:

  • Beth Ahart-Valk, RN
    • Lymphoma, Leukemia and Thyroid Cancers
  • Denise Wiley, RN
    • Colorectal and GI Cancers
  • Georganna Reynolds, RN
  • Lisa Gardner, RN
1155 Mill St.
Reno NV, 89502