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RSVP (Nevada Rural Counties Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

Submitted by skynet on Mon, 07/31/2017 - 09:10

RSVP is the only organization in Nevada that provides caregivers with lifesaving regular breaks utilizing Volunteer Respite Workers (VRW) at no charge in the family's home. Donations are accepted; the program turns no one away because of inability to pay. RSVP collaborates with family caregivers, volunteers, physicians, social workers and other agencies to form a care-partnership where the care recipient is at the center of the relationship.

Programs include:

Transportation Program – Volunteers provide escorted door-to-door safe transportation for seniors and disabled persons giving them access to critical services including medical appointments, to pick up prescriptions, socialization and shopping.

Home Companion Program – Volunteers provide essential daily services such as talking to and spending time with seniors. Volunteers provide the emotional support, socialization, and human contact that is necessary for the homebound elderly.

RSVP’s CARE Law Program – provides pro bono legal services for low-income and homebound seniors. The program focuses on estate planning, durable power of attorney, wills, guardianships, Medicare, Medicaid, help with debt problems, probate issues and elder abuse issues.

Philips Lifeline emergency response system – provides an emergency response system that gives immediate access to emergency services.

Farmer’s Market Coupons – provides free coupons each summer for fresh fruits and vegetables, serving as a nutritional supplement for eligible seniors.

Respite Care Program – provides 24/7 caregivers who are exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed with regular breaks to provide relief and help them continue the care of their loved ones who are elderly as well as care for adults with a disability. Volunteers provide breaks 2 to 4 hours or more per week.

Homemaker Services – provides frail homebound seniors assistance with housekeeping such as dusting, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, floor maintenance, laundry and linen changing.

Resistance Exercise Program – provides light weights training; helping to keep seniors active and healthy, improving mobility, cognitive ability, and muscle strength.


2621 Northgate Lane, Suite 6
Carson City NV, 89706