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Welcome to ThriveNV

Welcome to ThriveNV

Not all Nevadans have equal access to health care - or similar health outcomes. We aim to change that.

Gold Compass - Patient Navigation for NevadaWhen you’re diagnosed with illness or struggling to take care of a loved one, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and out of your depth. Your ThriveNV patient navigator is the person who will guide you through the healthcare continuum following a cancer diagnosis.

ThriveNV patient navigators provide navigation services to those in the rural communities across Nevada that would not otherwise have access to a patient navigator.  We have experience working with cancer patients and their families and have dedicated our lives to serving others.  If you or a family member is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, is in treatment, or is a cancer survivor, and you need additional support, please contact us to see how we can help.  

Patient navigators are trained to share your cancer journey with you and with your caregivers or family members. If your navigator does not have the answer, he or she can refer you to another navigator or community service or resource provider who can help you with the next steps in your cancer journey. In some facilities, your support services team will partner with your clinical care team to provide seamless navigation throughout your cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship, and, if necessary, hospice care. In other locations, the clinical staff will cover all the roles necessary.

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Cancer Survivorship Clinics Announced


Reasons to contact a Thrive Nevada Patient Navigator

  • You live in a community that does not have patient navigators 
  • You need help finding community resources
  • You or your family needs someone to talk to about a cancer diagnosis
  • You have limited family support
  • You cancel medical appointments because of lack of resources (transportation, etc.)
  • You or your familyneed help understanding the healthcare system
  • You are a caregiver and need resources to help take care of yourself and your loved ones.
  • You are worried about medical bills and want information about resources.

What can a Thrive Nevada Patient Navigator do?

  • Provide support to you and your family
  • Help you schedule screening services  
  • Help you establish with a primary care physician.
  • Someone you can call during your treatment and into survivorship to answer questions 
  • Identify and help you overcome barriers to screening and/or cancer treatment
  • Educate you about your cancer diagnosis, explain/clarify medical terminology, help you  understand standards of care, and who is part of your care team
  • Identify questions you can ask your physician(s)

Do you need navigation assistance?

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