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We exist because you care.
Thank you for being part of the coalition of caring.

We are not going to solve this one alone.

Cancer is complicated. It’s hard, it’s ruthless, it’s relentless, it’s exhausting.

Developing effective prevention strategies, finding better treatments and working toward cures cannot be done in isolation. It requires all of us, building our resources, sharing our insights, collecting data and expanding our expertise.

This is why we exist.

Nevada Cancer Coalition (NCC) is you and us together.

We are a non-profit collaboration of state and local government, health, medical, and business leaders, the research community, cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates dedicated to improving quality of life by reducing the burden of cancer in Nevada.

NCC unites and leads community partners to improve the health of Nevadans
through cancer prevention and early detection, education, and advocacy.


So, thank you for being part of the coalition of caring.
Together we're doing incredible things. Together we're making a difference.


NCC develops and executes programs, promotes evidence-based practices, gathers and disseminates information, and advocates for policies to:

  1. Reduce the risk for developing cancer
  2. Increase early detection and appropriate screening for cancer
  3. Increase access to appropriate and effective cancer treatment and care
  4. Address quality of life issues for Nevadans affected by cancer
  5. Promote the collection and use of cancer-related data
  6. Improve the coordination and collaboration between cancer control efforts

Coalition — kō-ə-li-shən
a group of people, groups, or countries who have joined
together for a common purpose


At NCC we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership, the integrity of science and research, and the essential right for quality in every life. Together we can improve lives and change the course of cancer for current and future generations of Nevadans.


In 2002, the Nevada Cancer Council was formed to develop a comprehensive cancer control plan for the state of Nevada. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Nevada Cancer Council was charged with developing and implementing Nevada’s comprehensive cancer control plan. Comprehensive cancer control is based on the idea that people and organizations working together to pool resources and coordinate efforts can effectively increase the prevention of cancer, and ultimately reduce the burden of this devastating disease.